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Ozone therapy is a simple method of oxygenating the diseased parts and the free radical of ozone destroys Bacteria, Virus & Cancer cells and stabilizes Immunity.

Yoga is the best tool to uproot the problems, which originates in mind and manifest in the body. It also takes one towards developing to positive frame of mind and achieving total health. The various modalities used in therapeutic yoga and yogic breathing exercise, Asanas, Pranayamas, Meditation, Integrated yoga special techniques.

The main technique used in stress management therapy are SMET (Stress Management for Excessive Tension) and PET ( Positive Emotional Training) and MSRT(Mind Sound Resonance Technique) which help in combating stress, to increase the coping skill prevention of stress & crisis.

The best of all Relaxation technique are used in this therapy. The techniques like IRT ( Instant Relaxation Technique), QRT ( Quick Relaxation Technique), DRT ( Deep Relaxation Technique) Yoga Nidra (Psychic sleep) and PIGT ( Positive Imagery Guided Technique)are used to train the patient to relax passively and actively.

This is chinese method of treatment. Here fine needles are inserted in selected points of the body to treat various neurological, Neuromuscular and pain full conditions.

Various forms of water at different temperature is used to treat various ailments. The treatment is given with steam bath, Sitz bath, Hot foot immersion bath, Arm bath, Spinal bath, etc.,

This is the therapy where the body parts are scientifically and systematically manipulated to increase range of movements in various Musculo-Skeletal disorders.

Here we apply various exercises which are scientifically formulated and designed exercise, Aerobic exercise and Dynamic Yogic exercise to treat different conditions.

Clinical nutrition or the use of diet as a therapy, serves as the foundation of Holistic medicine. There is an ever increasing body of knowledge that supports the use of whole foods and nutritional supplements in the maintenance of health and treatment of disease. Many common conditions can be treated effectively by dietary measures counseling and life style modification.

Herbs which are scientifically researched used to treat various diseases and disorders.

Gomutra is prepared from cow’s urine by double distillation. It has US Patent (No.6896907). It’s a bio-enhancer of Anti-infective, Anticancer agents and Nutrients. It also protects and repairs DNA from Oxidative damage. As an adjunct it decreases hematological toxicities of chemotherapy & radiation induced toxicities.