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Meditation is neither prayer, nor chanting, nor contemplation. Meditation is a method, par excellence, to go into altered frequency universes which all simultaneously co-exist. Meditation is the activation of the natural ‘seeing’ activity of the ‘self’ or consciousness. Further, Meditation is the grandest way to increase one’s personal energy. Meditation is very, very easy and not at all difficult! Meditation begins basically with ANAPANASATI Which means to keep one’s total attention and awareness only on one’s normal breathing process.
Meditation should be undertaken regularly, and for not less than an hour every day. Any time and any place are okay for Meditation. Meditation can be done in any comfortably sitting posture. Hands should be clasped and eyes closed. Routine wanderings of the mind should be cut right away, as and when they arise, and attention should constantly be brought back to the chosen work at hand, i.e., consciously observing the breath

Benefits of Meditation
  1. Provides many physiological benefits to maintain good health and to overcome diseases and disorder.
  2. Memory power is increased.
  3. Helps to overcome many harmful habits.
  4. Mind stays always in a peaceful and joyful state.
  5. All physical and mental work is done with greater efficiency.
  6. Sleep-time requirements get decreased.
  7. Inter-personal relationships become more qualitative and fulfilling.
  8. Thought-power is tremendously increased.
  9. Ability to see ‘rights’ and ‘wrongs’ is sharpened.
  10. Purpose of life if better understood.
  11. Third Eye is opened, through the purification of Etheric (Kundalini) Energy system.