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About Lotus Holistic Medicine

We offer a comprehensive Integrated medical approach by team of Doctors consists of a Immunologist, Siddha Physician, Naturopathy Physician and Psychiatrist.The integrated medical apporoach is the combination of the practices & methods of Complementary and Alternative medicine (CAM) with conventional medicine. Integrative medicine offers nutritional and preventive treatment programmes customized for each patient to promote wellness and intrinsic healing in the whole person body, mind and spirit for a healthy and vibrant life. After complete health assessment, the team of doctors directed wellness plan of therapies is provided for optimizing one’s health or treating chronic medical conditions.


Integrated holistic approach to treat body, mind and soul. We adopt goodness of modern conventional medicine, ancient herbal medicine (SIDDHA), to activate innate healing potential by naturopathy and yoga therapy and energize the mind and soul with positive promotion of mental well being and by incorporating spirituality for self healing.


Alleviate the suffering due to illness promoting the effort for wellness so that we can add life to the years of living.